These paintings are informed by a residency Kent did in Sicily, Italy. The oxymoronic signifier in all of these paintings is a photo Kent took of a ‘black’ toddler mannequin dressed in a Moncler fur trimmed coat over a Ferrari sweatshirt in Palermo, Sicily in August.

Fashion Moves, 2010

Acrylic, oil crayon, collage on canvas
116.84 x 167.64 cm
46 X 66 in

Warm Nights with Skies of Violet, 2010

Collage, acrylic, oil crayon on canvas
111.76 x 167.64 cm
44 X 66 in

Work As Play, 2010

Collage, acrylic on canvas
113.03 x 165.1 cm
42.5 x 65 in

I Have Passed Through, 2010

Collage, glitter, acrylic on canvas
113.03 x 167.64 cm
44.5 x 66 in