Final Exhibition @ SubBasement Artist Studios

Final Exhibition @ SubBasement Artist Studios - Jeffrey Kent Art

For Immediate Release:


Public Exhibitions by appointment: November 1st - December 13th, 2014

118 North Howard Street A
Baltimore, MD 21201



Monday, October 27, 2014 -- SubBasement Artist Studios (SBAS) announces for its final exhibition, artist and founder, Jeffrey Kent. This exhibition opens to the public by appointment only, starting November 1st, and continues through December 13th, 2014. Artist Reception on Saturday, November 29, 2014, from 6-8pm featuring an artist talk with previously exhibited artists, and live music performances by Milk Barn. During this event, Kent will open his private studio to the public, for the first and final time.

After 11 years of offering public exhibitions for regional and international artists, in downtown Baltimore, the SBAS will be closing its doors forever at the current Howard Street location. SBAS opened its doors a decade ago in 2004, but Kent has had only one public exhibition in this space featuring his own work. Paintings, works on paper, and sculptural works of art, including collaborations with artist friends will be included in this exhibition.  If you’ve ever wanted to own a Kent piece, this will be a rare and final opportunity to view a vast collection of his unseen art in the SubBasement gallery. 

MICA’s March 2013 Juxtapositions says: “His work often embraces repetition, believing that people learn more effectively when exposed to the same theme multiple times. He often takes on controversial topics, as he did when he partnered with MICA’s Exhibition Design Seminar class to present Preach, a solo show that explores perceptions of homosexuality within the African-American community. He believes the purpose of art is to evoke curiosities, emotions, imagination, and questions. His works are in the collections of Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Southern Management Corporation, and more. In 2008, he was named Best Visual Artist by Baltimore’s City Paper.” 

Says Kent, “When I located this gigantic space, it was apparent to me that it could be something bigger than just Jeffrey Kent. And so the opportunity to offer space to other emerging artists to create, exhibit, and sell, came alive. For me, the crowning achievement is that I have assisted in the trajectory of more than 200 brilliant rising stars.”

HeLa No. 109, 2011
Acrylic and oil bar on canvas 30" X 40" (76.2x101.6cm)

Strange Arrangements Exhibition at SBAS
August 15, 2014

Artist - Jeffrey Kent